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What actually happens at the TC and what do you guys do when you are not delivering a training? These are questions we have been asked a few times from different ACF staff members.take it easy Well, we sit with our feet up on our desks waiting for the phone to ring and a training to be requested. Once we have received the phone call we hop in a plane with our trainer suit full of coloured cards deliver the training fly back and go back to waiting for the phone to ring and repeat the process all over again.  Yes, that would be a nice response but it could be no further from the truth.

So in this blog we give you a snapshot of behind the scenes at the TC.

When we are not in training most of our time is spend on preparing for trainings, analyzing feedback from previous events, assessing needs for upcoming event, updating our curriculum, scouting for appropriate conference venues, putting together flyers, newsletters and other communication materials so you know what we have been doing, researching new training methods and finding out what’s hot and what’s not in the world of capacity building. And no, this is not an exhaustive list!

Right now Irene is working on the upcoming trainings in Nigeria in April and backing her bags to deliver two ToTs in Pakistan next week. Charles in busily working away at the upcoming first 2014 edition of our newsletter Impact and Martin is engaged with ACF Canada supporting their upcoming SMART training here in Nairobi. On my side I am liaising with our ACF France colleagues as this year our list of countries includes Haiti, Burkina Faso, Yemen, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone, coordinating with HQ to put gender on the agenda through the curriculum development for and roll out of our ACF International gender policy and communicating with our missions and HQs across the board to get new ACF examples for our 2014 induction trainings.

Lastly, we are in the process of upgrading and revamping our training centre here in Nairobi. Hopefully it will be ready for the first bunch of ACF staff attending our April induction.

While the days in the TC are long and often intense, they are never short of laughter and fun and usually interrupted by a good lunch break where we all sit in the garden and catch up.

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