Fundamentals of Coaching – Part one

By February 26, 2014Tips and Tricks

This month, we take a brief look;a snapshot as it were – into coaching and what it entails.This is the first instalment our blog series on coaching so be the look out for the next instalment.

Coaching is an activity that is aimed at the improvement of an individual’s skills in order to change behavior and/or performance. Giving employees the knowledge and skills they need to perform their job tasks is not employee coaching; that is employee training. Employee coaching is an on-going process of helping employees identify and overcome the hurdles that prevent them from excelling at their jobs.

Many a times people use coaching and mentoring interchangeably, however there are significant differences. Whereas mentoring focuses on the individual’s ability to gain balance of work and life and prepare for career progression, coaching narrows in on the individual’s acquisition of a specific skill to perform of a task/challenge expected at work.

The key fundamental skills for effective coaching are active listening, use of appropriate questions, giving feedback and agreeing on a contract [including timeframes and possible obstacle(s)]

One of the commonly used approaches to coaching is the GROW Model. Goals are agreed upon of what skills needs to be learned or enhanced, Reality check is done by both coach and coachee is assessing the current vis a vis the expected situation, Options are explored with exploration of choices encouraged from coachee and final options made and Way forward where commitment to action is agreed upon within set time frames and support mechanisms required.


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