Self Motivation – The Inside Job.

By January 31, 2014Tips and Tricks

Motivation has been studied quite extensively. All kinds of motivational books have been used in the workplace coupled to assessments in an effort to define the various employee personality types and to better predict behaviors and tendencies. This and many other tools do help develop and inspire short and long term performance. However, the desire to achieve is greatly influenced by what matters to us. These triggers or influences are particular to each individual. Whether it’s about making a difference or making money, these triggers cultivate an inner drive that will get us through the daily grind.

Today, we focus on how to motivate ourselves in relation to our work, given we spend a lot of our time earning living.

Staying motivated at the workplace lies a lot in finding out what you love about work. However, this is easier said than done. You have to identify those moments at work when you are in your element. Some people enjoy the travel while for others it is garnering insights from staring at datasheets and pivot tables that enlivens them. It is important that you engage yourself in more roles that allow you to do what you enjoy the most.

You should always have a positive attitude. Approach all responsibilities assigned to you with an optimistic outlook. Give the job assigned to you your best shot no matter how basic a task it maybe. When you approach work with a positive attitude, you’ll begin to become highly motivated which contributes towards the success of your career goals.

We all have dreams and expectations for our lives. Spend some time to identify what they actually are and what role your job plays in achieving them. Set for yourself solid, tangible goals for the year. Break them down into tasks and each task into smaller steps. Focus solely on the next step and even difficult tasks will surely become easier. You’ll soon find that momentum builds up, tasks become enjoyable and your motivation improves. Having goals gives you clarity and direction in thought and brings purpose to effort.

Take some time in the day for yourself. Use that time to take stock of what you have achieved and what you can do to enhance those achievements. Develop a sense of optimism and confidence in your abilities. You can also use that time to learn new skills or acquire additional qualifications. Motivation arises from a sense of control and accomplishment that comes from acquiring and mastering new skills. Take every chance to step outside your comfort zone, take on various tasks and accept mistakes as a part of the learning experience

Accountability is a pretty big source of motivation. Most job structures are accountability oriented. If this is lacking, identify an accountability partner. This is a person who’s aware of your goals/objectives and with whom you’ll share the progress you’ve made. An accountability partner will help you monitor and streamline your efforts and progress towards your goal. In addition, it will serve as a source of motivation as you reflect on your progress.

Finally, celebrate your achievements and revel in your accomplishments. If you feel you have done a great job you own it to yourself to commend yourself.

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