Team Building at West Pokot

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This month, we feature interviews from staff from the West Pokot Base of ACF-USA Kenya Mission after quite an enjoyable Team building workshop in Eldoret. Sylvester Kyuli and Susan Luballo share with us their experiences from the workshop 🙂

Sylvester Kyuli 

Head of Base, West Pokot

1.       What did you like most about the team building event?

What I liked most about the team building event was the fact that it was a platform for the staff to open up and discuss issues. As you observed, issues had been simmering and thus, this event provided the opportunity for some of these issues to be discussed in the open and possibly ironed out. Some of these were feedback between members of staff. Also, we got to relax and unwind after a considerable period of adjustment.

2.       What was your most memorable moment?

The moment that struck me particularly was when we discussed trust issues. Frankly, I had trust issues with staff where I only trusted a few key members in the team. When I was able to bring this to light, I could let go, give all team members the benefit of doubt, thereby, giving them more responsibility. Consequently, I could enable capacity building of my colleagues and in the future, I can entrust them with more responsibility and help build confidence in them.

3.       What would you take away from this event and do differently?

What I take away from the event is expand my scope and or circle of trust at the base. I shall learn to trust colleagues more and give them the benefit of the doubt. It would make people relate better at the base and possibly improve the output of staff members.  After offering an unqualified apology to anyone I may have ruffled at the workplace, I have got some closure and hope that proceeding from this point, colleagues will feel free to approach me with any issues knowing that they will find me helpful in arriving at resolutions.


Susan Luballo

Program Manager, West Pokot

1.       What did you like most about the team building event?

First up, I was excited by the fact that the event took place! The planning for it was a long, convoluted process and it was really good to see it come to fruition. Also, the elements of team sharing were very nice on action points, objective setting and commitment to these objectives.

The team was free spirited, unwound outside of work environment.

2.       What was your most memorable moment?

I would cite a number of moments that did it for me. First was the evening party. People let their hair down, seemed relaxed and almost in a playful mood. I enjoyed spending time with the staff in this setup, away from the regular work atmosphere. Also, I had fun taking pictures at the pool and finally the drawing exercise. The funny instances of miscommunication had plenty to laugh about.

3.       What would you take away from this event and do differently?

One main thing I shall take away from the event is improvement in communication within and with the team. To ensure feedback is appropriate and prompt with a view to enhance effective communication, with the end result being improved output from the team. I was considerably motivated by the event, and shall go back to work energized. Also, if the team building event could be an annual, or a bi-annual event, this would be welcome news to the team at West Pokot!


Here are some pictures of the event:

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